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Accreditation to the Institute for Complementary

and Natural Medicine



ALIX WORGAN is based in the village of Long Melford, near Sudbury, Suffolk.  She achieved her diplomas through high standards of training at the reputable Morrell School, to which accreditation has been awarded from the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine.


Whether you have a specific ailment or just want time out for relaxation, each treatment will be tailored to your individual requirements.


These therapies work alongside conventional medicine to boost the natural healing ability of the body, whilst a feeling of deep relaxation is experienced.


REFLEX TOUCH is a most relaxing treatment, subtly refined from traditional reflexology by Patricia Morrell many years ago.  Replacing the traditional firm pressure is a very gentle yet powerful technique, focusing on natural healing, harmony and re-balance of the mind, body systems and electromagnetic (energy) field,  Reflex Touch is also simply a wonderful way to relax. 


Medical trials carried out in a Cardiff hospital concluded that patients needed less pain relief and were able to return home sooner.


There is almost no condition that cannot be treated, including:


Nervous system damage 

Digestive problems

Hormonal imbalance

Sports injuries


Simple stress & fatigue... 


Reflex Touch is treated to bare feet, whilst you relax in a comfortable reclining chair. 


Fee £40 (1 hour)



REFINED INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE is a very relaxing treatment carried out to the upper arms, back, shoulders, neck, head and face whilst you relax comfortably in a chair.  Creative visualisation at the end of a treatment may also be incorporated to promote healing for a particular ailment or simply for positive wellbeing.


Refined Indian Head Massage is wonderful to receive and focuses on improving circulation, lymphatic drainage and the nervous system.


This treatment may be beneficial for a wide range of problems to the upper body including:




Sinus problems


Neck & shoulder tension

Simple stress


It is preferable to wear a T-shirt or soft cotton top for this treatment.


Fee £40 (1 hour)



To make an appointment or for further information, please call:


Alix on 07778 933803 or email alixworgan@yahoo.co.uk




A full consultation and medical history will be taken, so your initial treatment may be slightly longer.


All treatments are carried out in a relaxing, air-conditioned environment in Long Melford. Home visits may be available.


Please give 24 hours' notice of any cancellation, otherwise the treatment cost may be chargeable.



Accreditation to the Institute for Complementary

and Natural Medicine